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Computer Numerical Control Technology

CNC Technology laser and press brake

In this blog, we will examine computer numerical control technology popularly known as CNC technology along with its two sub-parts that are laser and press brake.

Computer Numerical Control technology (Laser)

Computer numerical control laser cutting, or CNC laser cutting is a process in which a laser beam is used to melt and remove material. It uses optics, an assist gas, and a guidance system to direct and focus the laser beam into the workpiece. The CNC laser cutting is preferred as it is fast, produces less waste and can be used upon a wide range of materials. This technology was introduced industrially in the early 1970s but are now being used in other fields as well such as in schools, colleges, hobbyists, makerspaces, etc.

Advantages of using CNC Laser cutting

CNC laser cutting is one of the most widely used process industrially because of its various advantages. These advantages are mentioned below:

  1. Greater Accuracy:


The CNC laser cutting is more accurate as compared to other processes of cutting such as plasma cutting, flame cutting or waterjet cutting methods. As the laser beam is more accurate than other material used for cutting.

  1. Produces less waste:

The laser cutting technology produces less waste, because of this property, wastage is minimised, and less raw material is used.

  1. Suitable for non-metallic materials:

Not only metallic, but non-metallic material can also be cut using the CNC laser technology, which are usually cannot be cut by flame or plasma processes.

Computer Numerical Control Technology (bending process carried by Press brake)


CNC bending is a manufacturing process that is carried by CNC brake presses or CNC press brake. This CNC press brake technology is used to bend metal work, most commonly sheet metal. There are two methods that will produce the same metal sheet components.

The first one is CNC press brakes having a fixed bottom bed with the V blocking tool clamped in place and a top beam which travels under force with the V blade tools, this process is known as down forming.

Opposite to this is an up forming machine with the bottom bend moving and the top beam fixed. Though these two are different methods, the result is more or less the same.

So, these were the two types of Computer Numerical Control Technology which is used to perform different processes.

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